Here is a list of common nuke reasons and their meaning for those of you who don't know.. ;)

Of course, there are too many to list them all, and most of them are descriptive enough that anyone can understand them... Anyway the following should pretty much cover it...

ReasonMeaningRelease still good?
Bad ARAspect Ratio is wrongUsually
Bad cropAspect Ratio is wrongUsually
CBR audioFor movies, CBR is not allowed, should be VBRYes
Custom Quant MatrixCustom quantization matrices aren't allowedYes
DupeThe release already exists, so there is no reason for it to exist again.Yes
Get RepackProblems with the release, a repack is/was/will be released to fix the issueNo
Grp ReqGroup RequestedNo
MislabeledThe release name has a typo, or an error in the name. Usually this is fixed with a DIRFIX.Yes
Missing YearMislabeledYes
No IVTCInVerse TeleCine (or IVTC) brings back the movie's original framerate from NTSC's 29.97fps to 24fps.Usually
Out Of SyncOOS means the audio and video go out of sync in at least 1 point in the releaseUsually
SpamReally need an explanation?No